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  • Tygora

    When it comes to death metal, there’s a few defined camps to reside in, Necrogod are in the more extreme form, certainly entertaining you with their Carcass-isms here and there, a touch more gore to the stylistic assault that plays over these six tracks, especially from the vocal, but make no mistake, this is typical bare bones death metal.
    • Akinogor

      Released on February 22, via Iron, Blood And Death Corporation. Mr. Death Metal Riffs Rogga Johansson and Insepulto mastermind The Master Butcher team up as Necrogod. They’ve just released their debut full-length album, The Inexorable Death Reign, for indie label IBDC. The Master Butcher spits out the vitriolic vocals while Rogga plays guitar, plays bass and programs the drums on .